All businesses, no matter how small, should have a branding style guide to ensure their presence online and in print is consistent both aesthetically and in spirit. Creating a brand style guide is a great way of getting everything right from the start – right across the board allowing you and your business to get on with its prime purpose – to make you some money.

Consistency is the name of the game and we concentrate on these issues when creating your style guide:

  • Mission, vision and core values;
  • Visual representations: logo, emblem, icons – your brand signature;
  • Your colours – not too many and once decided you must stick to them and not introduce any more;
  • Typography – or more commonly known as fonts. Having more than one font requires carefully choosing complimentary and not clashing typography. Not as easy as you would think. Also, sizes and space around words is just as important;

Alphacasa will work with you to achieve your ideal brand and capture the essence of your brand in as simple and effective way possible. We will ensure it is consistent across the board in your website and any other promotional material you may require.

Here are a few examples of branding we have carried out recently:

Right: The Happier Business logo with strapline, and the home page of the website.

Below, the profile image.

Right: CAMPDEN HOME NURSING page one brand style guide showing main logos and colours. Far right, a series of leaflets to cover their services.

The colours are the colours used by the town and the sheep and market hall are both symbols of this old Cotswold wool beautiful market town.

Right: Page one of the OYSTA style guide showing logo and colours.

Each product has its own product logo in the Oysta style and datasheet (some with original graphics). Oysta products are mostly named after real oysters or their component parts.

Time you got your brand in order? Contact us now to start the ball rolling.