Even if you have no desire to actually take payments online, having an online presence is pretty important for most business of all sizes. We help many holiday rental  businesses who get their majority of bookings via the usual channels of and Air BnB but they still recognise the importance of having their own web presence. Some even ask us to incorporate a booking system so that they can take bookings online.

Alphacasa specialises in WordPress websites since we find they can cater for most types of business and are pretty simple to maintain once the site is built. In fact, we provide training if required so that you do not have to rely on us once your website is up and running.

All our websites are fully responsive to whatever device you look at it on and where required we can help you meet the privacy and GDPR requirements. We can do as much or as little of the process as you want. Here are just some of the stages of the process where we can help:

  • Choosing the best domain names;
  • Identifying a host for you website – though we always recommend Fasthosts as we have had a great deal of experience with them over the last 20 years and found them to be pretty good with reasonable prices. Please note: we are not re-sellers and encourage you to set up your own account and pay them direct, though we can of course manage your hosting ourselves if you prefer;
  • Note all our new website builds will have an SSL certificate ensuring your site is secure for visitors;
  • We tend to use a professional WordPress theme which we know we can do (more or less) anything you might want. WordPress has thousands of plugins which do all kinds of things from booking systems to taking payments online. We can help you choose what is best for you, and of course, we install and set them up;
  • Privacy policies and complying with GDPR are important issues nowadays and we can help with these, ensuring you are fully compliant;
  • Having copy writing experts who can tell a good story if required, we can write the content for your website if you do not want to do it yourself.
  • We can maintain your site once it is built or we can train you to do it yourself.

If you are lucky enough to approach us at the start of your business venture we can help you with the photography for your website and even video – both of which we specialise in.  Also, the branding of your business is crucial to ensure a recognisable consistent presence.

Below are a few example websites.






Time you got your website in order? Contact us now to start the ball rolling.